I am available for screenwriting-for-hire work. As an experienced screenwriter with over ten produced screenplays, as well as several more in development, I can offer you a firm understanding of what is necessary to get a script to the screen, as well as an excellent grasp of structure, characterisation and dialogue. Depending on other work commitments, I can usually turn around drafts very promptly, and am highly efficient at writing to deadline.

Although I specialise in writing within the horror genre, I have a wide taste/understanding of film, and am entirely comfortable working within other areas (for instance, I have written commissioned works within such genres as drama, thriller and SF). I can develop story ideas to brief, but am also accustomed to working from existing synopses/treatments. In addition, I have a great deal of experience script-doctoring, and so am open to consulting on and/or rewriting extant material.

My screenwriting rates are negotiable depending on budget level and availability of development funds. Although I am open to deferring a portion of my fee until production, I will not work 100% deferred nor for free. If you would like to discuss a project with me, please contact me at

I also offer script reading and editorial services. With two decades of professional experience generating original screenplay material and rewriting others, I can bring a keen editorial eye and highly-developed scripting skills to your project. My service includes:

  • Critique – what works and what does not work in your script.
  • Editing & Development – suggestions for improvement, with particular focus on structure/characterisation/dialogue.
  • Proofreading – checking and fixing your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Industry advice – as an additional service, I can offer advice/suggestions on such areas as production, sales and distribution.

My basic fee for this service is £500 per screenplay. For this, I will supply you with a report giving an overall summary of the script, its strengths/weaknesses, and suggestions for fixing issues with structure, point of view, plot, characterisation, theme, dialogue, rhythm, and/or developing the story.

If you then need additional industry advice, we can discuss appropriate fees depending on your requirements. Should you hire me for a critique and then decide you would like to employ me to carry out any of the recommended script work, that fee will need to be negotiated and is entirely separate from any editorial work already carried out.

For all queries/requests, please contact me at